The Most Effective Witness in the World

lightstock_72547_xsmall_steve_What comes to mind when you read “the most effective witness in the world”? We probably think of a great preacher like Billy Graham. Some might think of a professional athlete that turned to God after crawling out of the gutter. Or, maybe it’s a missionary who travels to far off adventurous places to bring the gospel. But it seems the answer is much simpler.

This past Sunday, John Caldwell preached at Seerley Creek while my family enjoyed a much-needed weekend away. As expected, John brought a great message about fulfilling our biblical obligation to take the good news of Jesus’ love and sacrifice to every person everywhere. As I watched the video this morning I was struck as John explained who the most effective witnesses are. He said, “The most effective witness in the world is a truly converted Christian who is desperately in love with Jesus simply telling others.”

That really got me thinking. We tend to glamorize the great testimony. You know what I’m talking about; those awesome stories of God pulling someone out of the most awful circumstance and now uses their sordid past to bring others to Jesus. I love those stories. But, my story isn’t that great. Yours probably isn’t either.

As I considered John’s statement, I was reminded of something imperative; it’s not my story (or yours for that matter) that saves people, it’s Jesus’ story. His story changes everything. That takes the pressure off of us. We don’t have to have a great story—Jesus does. The more I’m amazed by His story, the more excited I am to simply tell others about him.

Let’s take it a step further. To be an effective witness we don’t have to have a microphone or TV camera, we simply have to be willing to tell someone. Often the most natural conversations happen with the people we see regularly. It’s the chat with the neighbor at the mailbox. It’s the conversation with a family member who doesn’t know Jesus.

“The most effective witness in the world is a truly converted Christian who is desperately in love with Jesus simply telling others.”

What a statement! If we truly love Jesus, we’ll live it and tell it. That’s the most effective witness there is. So, what are you doing to cultivate your love for Christ? Who are you simply going to tell? For me it starts in the family. My family is probably like yours. There are some who know Jesus and live for him. There are others who don’t. I pray they will see his transforming grace in my life and hear his awesome story as we simply get the chance to talk. I’ll share more about those family conversations in the weeks to come as we study “Picture Perfect – when grace frames a family.”

About Steve Bolin

Steve joined the staff as senior minister in July 2014. Steve has been actively involved in church leadership for well over a decade. A native Hoosier and avid outdoorsman, Steve and his wife Tracey have two kids, Jake and Molly, and live in Camby.